Statutory Provision Team

All students at the foundation have an Education, Health and Care Plan. Some may have additional needs met through social care plans or be subject to care orders. The foundation’s primary responsibility is to ensure that the best possible provision is in place to meet our students’ learning needs, whether those are emotional, social, physical or educational, in line with the targets set by external agencies and other professionals working alongside our young people and their home setting.

Louise Cusiter

Head of Statutory Provision

As Head of Statutory Provision, Lou is responsible for monitoring and evaluating the provision that specifically relates to Section F of the Education, Health and Care Plan. She works alongside both the Emotional Wellbeing Team and the Learning and Teaching Team to ensure that the planned provision meets the identified needs of the students. A large part of her role is attending review meetings, personal education plan meetings for our Children Looked After and reporting on progress to the Local Authority education and social care representatives. She is responsible for overseeing the application and induction process and evaluating whether the foundation can meet an individual young person’s needs. Lou is a trained counsellor herself and has had a long career in special educational settings.