Learning & Teaching

Physical Provision

At the Omnia Foundation, we believe that strenuous physical activity promotes good mental health through the release of endorphins and other “happy hormones.”  It energises and sharpens brain activity, enabling students to focus  more and channel their energy productively and constructively.  At least 90 minutes daily of physical activity is planned for and all staff participate as it provides an opportunity to build positive relationships and role models for language.

Curriculum and Qualifications

We believe that a learner’s journey truly begins when they find their passion. This may or may not happen by the time they are 16 and we recognise that our learners may need more time to discover what drives and motivates them. The Learning & Teaching Team plan and deliver a broad and creative range of experiences designed to challenge and inspire our learners to find their “thing.” Our trailblazing curriculum, centred on a truly innovative and bespoke suite of vocational qualifications, enables learners to engage in a wealth of enriching activities, all of which contribute to the achievement of qualifications tailored to their needs and starting points. This is delivered through a model of student-directed timetabling of adult-directed learning which is designed to promote a greater level of flexibility which will in turn facilitate greater student ownership of their learning, reduce anxiety, minimise lost learning, increase productivity and ultimately foster greater success.

Our approach to the curriculum will aim to:

  • Support students in developing their strengths and talents
  • Encourage greater participation in and ownership of learning
  • Foster a sense of achievement and build self-esteem
  • Promote enjoyment of learning
  • Increase attendance