We are often asked, “Why Foundation?”

The answer is simple:

at Omnia, we provide the fundamentals for self-development for young people who have been failed by a system which recognises and values academic achievement over creative or physical talents and abilities, young people who have missed the chance to find out who they are or what they’re good at because their skills and capabilities lie elsewhere.

Our Aim

When we watch free runners or free climbers or base jumpers perform incredible feats of physical agility with fearlessness and determination, we are awestruck. When we see teenagers doing similar things, we label them as “trouble,” “yobs,” and yet they are nothing less than wildly confident and breathtakingly courageous. At what point, then, do we change our perception of their achievements and see that these young people have a wealth of unrecognised and untapped potential and start to channel that energy, passion and enthusiasm into a constructive and productive future?

Our aim is to begin to change that perception. The Omnia Foundation provides an environment in which our young learners can become themselves. We help them build that foundation for their future. Our unique approach to supporting self-development enables the young people to be heard, to exercise choice and in so doing to gain the confidence and self-assurance they need to become good people, able to make a valuable contribution to the community.

Our Prospectus

Our Team

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Our offer is threefold

We believe that when basic emotional needs are met, a person has a much better chance of being able to succeed. Rooted in the principles of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Need, we have a “therapy first” approach to supporting the students. This is led by our Head of Therapeutic Provision who, with a team of qualified and well-trained wellbeing practitioners, plan and deliver a range of interventions and programs that prioritise and address emotional and mental health needs before everything else.

We believe that strenuous physical activity promotes good mental health through the release of endorphins and other “happy hormones.” It energises and sharpens brain activity. Our Head of Physical Provision designs a rigorous programme of physical health and wellbeing which is delivered by our team of teachers and higher-level teaching assistants. At least 90 minutes daily of physical activity is planned for and all staff participate as it provides an opportunity to build positive relationships and role models for language.

We believe that a learner’s journey truly begins when they find their passion. This may or may not happen by the time they are 16 and we recognise that our learners may need more time to discover what drives and motivates them. Under the direction of the Head of Curriculum and Qualifications, staff plan and deliver a broad and creative range of experiences designed to challenge and inspire our learners to find their “thing.” Our trailblazing curriculum, centred on a truly innovative and bespoke suite of vocational qualifications, which is designed to complement qualifications in English and Mathematics and other more traditional subjects,. This is delivered through a model of a teacher-directed, student-led timetable, designed to promote a greater level of flexibility, which will in turn facilitate greater student ownership of their learning, reduce anxiety, minimise lost learning, increase productivity and ultimately foster greater success.


Get in touch

Tel: 01268 385 997

Email: admin@omniafoundation.co.uk

Address: Omnia Foundation, Rayleigh Town Sports Club, London Road, Rayleigh, Essex SS6 9DT

For Local Authority Referrals: enquiries@omniafoundation.co.uk

1 month ago

On Thursday the 11th of July from 6pm - 7pm, Basildon Borough Council, Essex County Council and Pathway CTM will be coming together to host a FREE, interactive webinar that has been designed to bring together leading employers, training providers, Universities and Colleges to provide you and your children with everything you need to know about future career options ⭐️Find out everything you need to know about Post 16 and Post 18 opportunities and what support is out there. In addition, you can also find out how the Pathway CTM programme can support students and help with apprenticeship applications.This webinar will have a range of inspirational speakers from Ford Motor Company, SS&C, Morgan Sindall, Official South Essex College, USP College, Basildon Creative Tech Festival and the University of Essex. The three Ford speakers are recent Autocar Great Women Apprenticeship award winners. You can register here: pathwayctm.com/event/discover-post-16-18-options/ ... See MoreSee Less
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1 month ago

Meet our Head of Therapeutic Provision, Liz 🌟"Hi, I'm Liz, Head of Therapeutic Provision. It's my job to support the therapeutic team to give our students what they need for their well-being at school. I'm very proud to work with such an amazing group of students and fantastic colleagues.One of the best ways I have to support my well-being is to be outside in nature - camping, walking, boating or climbing... anything outdoors, really. I'm usually accompanied by my rescue husky Rex, who is an excellent companion." 🦮🚣‍♀️You can find out more about our team here: omniafoundation.co.uk/our-team/ ... See MoreSee Less
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1 month ago

Meet our Emotional Wellbeing Coordinator, Michael 🤝Michael says: "I support young people to look after themselves, including growing confidence and facing some things that make us feel uncomfortable. I enjoy taking part in the physical activities at the foundation and the enrichment on Friday mornings. I am always available for any students if they need or want a chat. I have worked with children and families since I left school and really enjoy it. I support Liverpool and am always looking at new things to do, from painting furniture to taking apart retro consoles. In my spare time I collect comics and have quite a bit collection!I have recently taken up jogging again thanks to JJ! I also make sure to get enough sleep and eat well. Sometimes when things are hard, I try to remember to talk to people." 🏃🌟You can find out more about our team here: omniafoundation.co.uk/our-team/ ... See MoreSee Less
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2 months ago

Hazel works at Omnia Foundation as a HLTA/Post16 Coordinator 👏Hazel says: "I have worked at The Omnia Foundation since April 2020; I enjoy making a difference to the students here and watching where their next steps take them.I enjoy going on holiday and travelling. Spending time with my friends and family. I also enjoy watching a musical in London, my favourite so far has to be The Lion King." 🦁🌟You can find out more about our team here: omniafoundation.co.uk/our-team/ ... See MoreSee Less
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2 months ago

Meet Kelly 🤝Kelly has worked at Omnia Foundation as a Higher Level Teaching Assistant for nearly four years. She does food tech lessons where we make cakes, seasonal treats, like our own chocolate eggs and tasting/ enrichment days around various religious activities or literature content. Our last one was based on Roald Dahl! Kelly also likes to cook things around what our pupils have grown with Alex in our garden."Outside of school, I look after my little girl and we enjoy baking, cooking and reading together!"You can find out more about our team here: omniafoundation.co.uk/our-team/ ... See MoreSee Less
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