Emotional Wellbeing

At the Omnia Foundation we take a holistic approach to the emotional and social wellbeing of the foundation community to ensure that each and every person has the tools to succeed. 

The input and advice from the Therapeutic Provision Team underpins and complements our curriculum, enabling students to be given the chance to grow and flourish. The foundation operates a ‘therapy first’ approach, placing central importance of addressing the social, emotional and mental health needs of our students. The use of a therapeutic approach offers positive experiences which nurture a student’s confidence, kindness and self-belief.  When their emotional needs are met, our students will be better equipped to engage and succeed in their learning.

Our aim is to incorporate a variety of interventions that will form a secure foundation to our students’ learning and it is our belief that if staff connect, focus and support students to develop self-esteem and confidence, it will create healthy, trusting relationships where students can then flourish during their time here.

Therapeutic provision is an integral part of the foundation day, delivering support from a multi-disciplinary team of professionals. In developing a close relationship between teachers, HLTA’s and emotional wellbeing and therapeutic staff, we can maximise the potential of every student.

Our ‘Therapy First’ approach will aim to:

  • develop resilience and a growth mind set
  • manage emotions, anxiety and change
  • share knowledge on trauma and the impact on behaviour
  • develop positive relationships, social skills and friendships
  • ensure the wellbeing of both staff and students is supported

The Provision

A range of therapeutic interventions is offered and selected according to need. All students are assessed using the following assessments:

  • Thrive Approach
  • Strengths Difficulties Questionnaire
  • Sensory Profile (where appropriate)

The therapeutic provision will provide bespoke support tailored to the individual needs of each student. This may also involve sessions in:

  • Thrive Approach
  • Zones of Regulation
  • Talking and Drawing
  • Sensory Programs
  • Counselling
  • Smart Thinking
  • Lego Therapy
  • Social stories

Thrive Approach

Thrive is an approach which is integrated throughout the foundation, a systematic methodology to the early identification of emotional developmental needs in children and young people. Thrive enhances emotional literacy and directly contributes to the development of learning power by enabling children and young people to be resilient, resourceful, reciprocity, and reflective.

It provides practitioners with tools, skills and insights needed to help the students to be more emotionally resilient and better placed to re-engage with learning. It can make learning more accessible, more effective and more fun.