Learning & Teaching Team

Doreen Ellis

Head of Curriculum and Qualifications

Dee is our Head of Curriculum and Qualifications, and teacher for the Rhino’s Hub.  She has had a broad career in teaching in a wide range of specialist settings and has a rich experience of senior leadership.  She is a specialist in English Language and Literature.  As Head of Curriculum and Qualifications, Dee is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day planning and delivery of the curriculum in each hub.  She monitors the quality and breadth of provision and advises on pedagogy.  She is responsible for ensuring that the students who are ready and able to undertake formal qualifications in maths and English are rigorously supported.  She works with the learning and teaching team to assess and evaluate the progress students make towards their targets and their vocational qualifications.  Dee is also the teacher for the Saints hub.

Hayley Taylor

SEN Teacher

Hayley is the teacher for the Saints Hub.  She is responsible for planning, delivering and overseeing a wide range of learning opportunities for the students in her care.  She is a digital media specialist and supports the digital learning curriculum across the foundation.  She has a wealth of experience in further, higher and adult education that she brings with her to the foundation.

Alex Harding

Outdoor Learning Coordinator

Alex is our Outdoor Learning Coordinator.  He is responsible for planning and delivering a vast range of outdoor learning activities for all students across the foundation.  He is a highly qualified teacher and had a long career in secondary education before bringing his passion for all things outdoors to the foundation.  His dedication led to us being awarded Level 5 status from the Royal Horticultural Society for the garden project in 2023.  He is also the Educational Visits Coordinator and will be leading our Duke of Edinburgh Award programme in the future.

Alasdair Gavin

SEN Teacher (Outreach)

Ally, our teacher for Vikings (the Outreach Hub) is responsible for planning, delivering, and overseeing a wide range of learning opportunities for our young people in the community. Ally is a qualified Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator and has an honours degree in Therapeutic Communications and Therapeutic Organisations. He has vast experience of working with young people in a variety of settings including residential children’s homes, pupil referral units, special schools, and alternative provisions. Ally played rugby at a semi-professional level and is still heavily involved in the sport as a coach. Ally is passionate about giving young people the opportunity to succeed and help them become the best possible version of themselves.

Higher Level Teaching Assistants (HLTAs)

Our highly qualified and experienced team of HLTAs – Kelly, Anneke, Callum, Agnes and Hazel – are each part of one the hub teams. They work alongside the teachers to plan and deliver the learning opportunities for the students and they will provide cover when teachers are absent.  This ensures continuity of provision and approach for our young people.  The HLTAs work one to one or in small groups with students on different activities, supporting and encouraging them to tackle their learning in different ways.  They monitor student progress and feedback to discussions with the hub team about next steps in learning.