Emotional Wellbeing Team

Elizabeth Beal

Head of Therapeutic Provision

Liz is the foundation’s Head of Therapeutic Provision. She has studied at the Centre for Psychoanalytic Studies at the University of Essex and the Tavistock Clinic, London and has a range of psychoanalytical tools at her disposal which she can apply to individuals, relationships and organisations. Liz leads the Emotional Wellbeing Team and has strategic responsibility for designing, planning and supporting the delivery of all the wellbeing interventions for students.  As part of her strategic role, she participates in home visits and liaises with services to support students who may struggle to access on-site provision for any reason.  Liz is highly skilled and shares with staff her knowledge and understanding of others, how to relate to them, modelling a range of strategies for managing the students’ emotional wellbeing.​

Ben Kent

Senior Emotional Wellbeing Coordinator

Ben has spent the past eight years working and studying in the physical education sector, planning and delivering the national P.E curriculum in mainstream schools and creating a bespoke curriculum in a SEND school, in the belief that treating every student as an individual enables them to engage and succeed. As Senior Emotional Wellbeing Coordinator, Ben is responsible for planning and allocating group and 1-to-1 therapeutic interventions for all students with the Emotional Wellbeing Team, aiming to develop the student’s ability to reflect, understand and manage their emotions, build and maintain positive relationships and increase their self-esteem. Through this work, the emotional wellbeing team aim to support students to identify and find value in their unique talents.

Mathew Payne

Foundation Counsellor

Matt is the Foundation Counsellor who provides one-to-one and small group sessions for students to talk through and address issues which may be impacting on their ability to function. Through creative and innovative working, Matt is able to develop trusting relationships which promote a sense of security and wellbeing.

Our on-site Emotional Wellbeing Coordinators J.J, Nikki, Clair and Michael work with an identified hub providing emotional regulation support for their students, aiding students’ self-esteem and confidence.  They will liaise with all staff in their hub to ensure that appropriate strategies, including scripts and language used, is consistent and supports the students’ emotional wellbeing.  Our team of Emotional Wellbeing Coordinators will work closely with their students’ home settings and external agencies to ensure that a seamless service of therapeutic work is offered. They have a vast range of skills and training that provide appropriate interventions to support students’ social and emotional development.

The Outreach Hub team is made up of a SEN teacher, Ally and two Emotional Wellbeing Coordinators, Teresa and Clair. Together they will provide a distinctive service to support the integration of identified students with complex needs into the life at the Foundation.

Our specialised team will plan, support and deliver programmes of activities for students with the aim of improving student’s attitudes, attendance and achievement. This team will work in connection with the home settings and external agencies to support the needs of the student.